What's new in

Version 9

In this version, we’re thrilled to announce a massive Speed & Performance Boost along with two new demos.

It's All About Speed

We Push Ourselves To Keep Improving JNews Speed & Performance.

Core Web Vitals

Introducing speed boost mode that will improve page speed performance in compliance with core web vital criteria.

Compatibility with AMP

Google likes and prioritizes AMP articles on search results pages and we have AMP support for posts.

Optimized Script Loader

Implements optimize script loader & execution which will enhance the result of time to interact.

Reduce Blocking Time

Splits JNews assets deployment according to features, elements, and pages to minimize total blocking time.

Replace Large JavaScript Library

Use a smaller JavaScript package can help to avoid long main threads and make websites lighter.

Reduce DOM Size

Optimized DOM size improves runtime performance, speeds page rendering, and provides a positive page experience.

Let numbers speak for itself

Performance Benchmark

116% Smaller

Smaller RAM Usage

98% Optimized

Optimized Core Web Vital

148% Faster

Faster Full Page Rendering

29% Smaller

Smaller Total Page Size

300% Faster

Faster Backend Load Time on Average

74% Higher Score

Higher PageSpeed Insights Score on Average

123% Higher

Higher PageSpeed Score with Speed Booster Enabled

New demos

2 New Professionally Designed Demos

Powerful New Features In Version 9

Save Your Favorite Posts

User Bookmarks

Add a complete bookmarking system that gives your users a way to save their favorite posts to their own personal bookmarks list. The save or Bookmark button is fully AJAX-ed for a smooth user experience.

RSS Aggregator

RSS Feeds Module

Display RSS feeds and Atom feeds anywhere on your site with the built-in module. Set up your RSS feed sources and let the module do the rest.

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