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Version 10

In this version, JNews+ has been upgraded. We extend JNews with the Pay Writer system along with two new dedicated demos.

Pay Writer System

Manage your author’s payments on WordPress has never been easier! JNews+ Pay Writer system allows you to keep track of writer’s payments with clarity and ease.

Information Rich

Displays reports in tables with clarity and ease of reading

Payment Criteria

Provide payout to authors based on the wide range of criteria adjusted

PayPal Integration

Pay authors directly from the report page through PayPal

Timeframe Option

Handy date picker for selecting the time range of stats to be displayed

Advance View Counter

Help authors to inform of their posts performance with interactive chart

Donation Button

Provide a donation button to support their favorite authors conveniently



Detailed Information

It is important for you to know the payout of each of the writers and the breakdown of the payout. The payout information is displayed in tables in a clear and easy-to-read manner.

Payment Criteria

Diverse criteria for payments

You can provide the authors a fee based on their posts’ performance and you can decide the payout based on those criteria. This includes the word counts and post-visit counts. You can even choose the way payouts are calculated.

Timeframe Options

See statistics in any time frame

Conveniently easy to use date-picker on the stats page. Very handy to select the time range for which the stats should be displayed. Adjust the range length according to your need and help you in making strategic decisions.

New demos

2 New Professionally Designed Demos

Transcend JNews View Counter

Massive Enhancement to View Counter Plugin

With improved JNews View Counter, authors are able to monitor their posts performance presented by an interactive chart

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