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Visual Editor

Design With The Best Tool

JNews gives you complete freedom to create news, blog & magazine website using the best page builders plugins on the market: Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder.

Test Drive Our Backend

Customizing with JNews is easy & fun with the top notch visual editor options.

Header Builder

Customize your header in real-time and see result instantly.

Homepage Builder

Design your homepage layout using visual editor.

Category Page Builder

Customize category, tags and other archive pages.

Footer Builder

Design your own Mega Menu layout with visual editor.

Single Layout Builder

Create unique post layout to make a better stories.

Mega Menu Builder

Design your own Mega Menu layout with visual editor.

Archive Pages Builder

Customize tags, author page and other archive pages.

Shortcode Generator

Place JNews modules anywhere via Shortcode Generator.

Page Builder Support

A wide range of page builders plugin supported.

Freedom To Customize

Tailoring your website is never been easier. Change font style, color, and other css element in real-time and see result instantly.

Play Video

One WordPress Theme For
All Publishing Needs

Gutenberg Support

Write Article with new WordPress Editor

JNews is fully support Gutenberg. It’s a whole new way to use WordPress! Gutenberg is more than an editor. While the editor is the focus right now, the project will ultimately impact the entire publishing experience including customization (the next focus area).

Make Unique Content

Single Post Layout Builder

We know how important it is to share story to the world with the right words and the perfect form. One design wil not enought for every different stories. With JNews 3, you can unlock the unlimited posibilities to design post layout and be a better story teller.

Mega Menu Builder

Customize Your Mega Menu​

We improved our menu to provide better flexibility. Now you able to design your own menu, not only showing menu, but you can also display latest blog post with every elements available on JNews.

Build Unique Archive Pages​

Archive Page Builder

No more boring static layout on your archive pages. You can create unique archive page layouts, including categories, tags, author page, and other archive pages using our block elements.​

Top 6 Reasons
Why You Should Use JNews

Fast & High Performance

You can get perfect score on Google Page Speed by using JNews with proper server setup.

SEO Friendly

JNews is built with full concern to SEO performance both for mobile and desktop.

Enhanced Ads & Affiliates

JNews makes it easy to put ads on your website. Built-in Google Adsense support.

Highly Customizable​

Customize every aspect of the design across devices using intuitive and visual editors.

Created by Elite Author

Developed by an Elite Author on Themeforest with more than 14,000+ customers worldwide.

Dedicated Support

Our developers will be glad to help you to solve any technical issue you might have.

Google AMP & Facebook Instant Article

Load instantly on mobile devices and designed for higher engagements with Google AMP and Facebook Intant Article.

Scan the QR Code to browse Instant Article
in your device or visit JNews Instant Article  page on your Facebook App.

Google AMP Demo
FB Instant Article Demo

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Complete Solution To Create
Awesome News, Blog & Magazine Website

User-Generated Content

Frontend Post Submission

Enable your user to submit content with this built-in feature. Reach more visitors and earn more with Pay-To-Submit feature that can be enabled with WooCoommerce shopping cart.

Increase Page View

Autoload Next Post

Reduce bounce rate and earn more! Keep your visitor on your site while increasing views with continuous scrolling through articles. This feature automatically loads next post as you scroll down to the bottom of the article page.

Split Post

Multi-Page Article on One Single Post

Having large amount of content? You could utilize this feature to split long content of article into multiple pages with pagination for easier reading. Maintain good reading experience for your visitors while at the same time increasing more views of your site.

Boost Mobile Engagement

Truncated Mobile Article

Struggling to engage mobile readers? With this new feature will convert your articles into highly engaging piece of content automatically. This will also increase pageviews significantly.

Before After

Easier for Eyes

Dark Mode Switcher​

Dark Mode Switcher offers your readers the option to enable the dark theme of your website. It improves readability and makes night reading more comfortable on your eyes.

Improve Engagement

Increase Click-Through Rates

Once the visitors come to your site, it’s just the right time to keep them informed with your latest news. We provide several features to make your website visitors keep coming back including adapting the latest global trend like Website Push Notification.

Sticky Video Player

Floating Video on Page Scroll

This features allows you to make featured video in the single post article float as the user scrolls the page. The video will float to certain location as you set in the settings.


Custom Website Width​

We add another degree of flexibility on JNews. Changing width of your website now is very easy from our Customizer. his come along with additional post and archive layout to fit the wide container website.

Fast Loading & Highly Optimized

Optimized & lightweight codes to load blazingly fast and make it Google-friendly. Tested with top Cache Plugins, so it’s possible to get a high score on several website speed tester including Google Page Speed through right setting and content.

Built-In Feature

Food Recipe Post

Running a food blog? Add recipes to any of your posts with our in-house Food Recipe plugin. It comes with fully-loaded features to help you provide better food recipes. No need to buy extra plugin!

Exclusive Feature

Custom Gallery with Advertisement​

Built-in WordPress Gallery to help you provide better image presentation with option to show advertisement and detail image description on expanded mode (fullscreen).

Select & Share

Select & Share Text via Social Media for More Traffic

Your social media presence is essential to your success. With this feature, you can enable your reader to select & share text from your blog posts via Twitter and Facebook. This feature can be a great marketing tool for your blog to get more traffic.

Personalize Text Size

Let Your User Personalize Text Size of Post Content

This feature allows you to give the visitors of your site the option to zoom in and zoom out of your blog posts content. It will resize your text and other post elements.

Share More, Drive More Traffic!

From the latest study, social media has surpassed search as the source of website traffic. Aware of that, we have provided very comprehensive feature to boost your website’s social media presence.

Improve Engagement

Inline Related Post

Show your visitors additional related posts embedded in your article. Inline Related Posts is perfect tool to extend the engagement time with your audience while promoting your other articles and drastically increase page view. This would also help your site perform well in search engine.


Reading Progress Bar

Display progress bars while reading on your single posts.  A perfect solution to stop your readers from leaving your website because of long content to read.


Video Preview on Hover

Give a better browsing experience to your user with the video preview automatically plays when you hover on the Video Module’s thumbnail. This only feature available on the desktop.


Multiple Authors Post

Display multiple authors (co-author) for a post. Co-authored posts appear on single post and block modules. Compatible with Co-Authors Plus plugin.


Subscribe to Download

Grow your subscribers organically by providing freebies! With this feature, you can distribute files through email after a successful subscription.


Sponsored Posts

Monetize more from your content with paid to publish content from an advertiser. Enable it on single posts and the sponsored post info will be shown above the posts.

Start Creating Awesome News, Blog & Magazine Website

Elevate your web design process with ready-to-use demos and customizeable elements.

More Features...

List of all premium features are available on JNews to build amazing news, blog, newspaper and magazine website.


Each JNews element passed Google Mobile friendly test. You can also view your website in any modern device perfectly.

Live Preview Option Panel

Say good bye to the old-school refreshing page way to view changes on your website. With our advance customizer, you can view directly what changed and how’s the effect on your website.

Better Customizer

Customizer arguably is one of the best new features on WordPress, and we make it even better. We provide search option functionality right inside the customizer.

More than 700 Options

We provide different degree of flexibility on JNews. Our Customizer has more than 700 options to modify. Combination of block, widget, menu, and every element on JNews grants you limitless possibility.

Frontend Editor Visual Composer

Stop guessing and wondering what will happen to your front end. We provide integration with Visual Composer frontend editor which is going to make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Retina Display Ready

Reading JNews using retina macbook or 4k Monitor? Need no worry. Your image will still look crisp. We use the latest technology to provide the best result between quality and size.

Flexible Header Builder

Change the height of menu, menu background, Hide / show top bar, change color scheme, move social icon or menu or date and much more options on your header

Exceptional Gallery

We’ve replaced the default WordPress gallery with a practical usage gallery. Not only will show story on your article, also will expand into fullscreen with advertisement slot.

10 Single Blog Templates

Choose single blog template that represents your article best. Each single blog post option on customizer can be overridden directly from a single blog post editor.

Super Lightweight Page

Utilize lazy load image, media srcset and JNews Speed for minify css & html. We keep your website “small”. Full desktop size is only 0.7 MB while the average is 3 MB.

3 Image Load Mechanisms

This theme comes with 3 options of how images will be loaded. You can use normal image load or lazy load image (only show when it reach viewport) or background (support gif thumbnail).

Infinite Scroll

We provide automatic post load feature while user is scrolling to bottom of article. Convenient to use, interesting to see. Scroll load also fit other JNews features like sidefeed or split post.

View Counter & Popular

We branch most popular view counter plugin so we can get the benefits and put these features inside our theme. You can use popular view by week, month, or year on Visual Composer or Widget.

Sidefeed Layout

Inspired by popular websites, we created sidefeed layout. Sidefeed will make your visitor easier to browse on your website and reduce the bounce rate.

Live Search Results

The live search saves your visitor time of having to click a submit button to get their search results by providing results they are looking for even before finishing typing.

Website Schema using JSON LD

JSON LD as website schema is recommended by Google. That’s why we provide support for JSON LD as Website Schema instead of microdata. Many big-named websites also move to JSON-LD.

Marketing Affiliate / Referral

Have plan to build a website for product referral, eg : amazon affiliate? We got you covered. JNews integrates Review System with affiliate link. You can put affliate link at noticable position inside your content.

Review System with 3 Points Type

You can create very compelling review website with JNews. From analyzing numbers of best features from famous review websites, we created review system and integrated it to JNews.

Built-in Mega Menu

Mega menu will improve experience of your user and make them easier to navigate your content. You can also highlight trending event from your mega menu.

Mobile Ads

Not only on bigger screen, we also support new page level ads format for mobile. You can use both Anchor / overlay ads and Vignette ads with ease when using JNews.

Automatic Import

All demos we provided above can be installed just with single click. Our import content also have "uninstall" feature that will try to rollback your content to previous state. This import will also import required plugin related to demo installed.

Responsive Ads

Your website needs to generate revenue. That is why we provide you very easy integration with Adsense, create your own banner, or use shortcode & script to place your ads.

Unique layout for each Category Page

Each category page can be customized. You can choose header hero type, content layout, and layout position (with left sidebar, right sidebar or using no sidebar). You can also change category color that will be used on category badge.

Easy Translation

Translation on WordPress is not an easy task. That’s why we created a solution to translate your front end. By using our frontend translation plugin, you don't need to touch any PO / MO to translate your Front End Site.

Thousands of Font

You can easily change your website font using System font, Google font, Your custom font or Type kit font. You are also able to see change directly on frontend if you use Google font.

20 Post Split Layouts

You can break your content into several pages to gain more clicks. And we provide feature for you to split your content by header tag. We also provide several options so your splitted content can be more interactive.

Integrate Email Subscriber

Keep your users informed about every new thing happened to your website by email. Integration with MailChimp with intuitive design will boost your Email marketing.

Google AMP

Google AMP is the latest innovation from google to make your content load instantaneously. Just by simply installing our JNews AMP plugin & WordPress AMP Plugin, your website is automatically compatible with Google AMP.

63 Visual Composer Blocks

31 module blocks, 15 Heroes, 5 Sliders, 9 Custom Elements, and 3 Post carousels are all packed into JNews. So theoretically you can build unlimited variationds of landing page using all Visual Composer Block and Widget.

Lazy Loaded Image

Unlike other themes that fake lazy loading image, JNews provide full support for Lazy Load image indeed. This technique can reduce half of website size at the first time load.

HTML Tag & Valid HTML

We carefully inspect every tag on JNews to make sure this theme has a high SEO performance. We also test this theme with W3 Standard for Valid HTML.

Video Documentation on Backend

Video documentation baked right into your backend. It will also detect what page you currently on, and highlight what video related to the page.

Premium Widgets

We packed premium widgets which specifically built for JNews. Widgets also contain visual Composer block that fit 4 width row. Weather widget, social with follow counter, social media page block, and many more available inside JNews.

Multilanguage Support

Want to create Multilanguage news site? No worry! Just by simply installing Polylang, you’ll start getting audiences from around the globe. We choose polylang instead of WPML for performance reason.

Community Forum by bbPress

Live up your community! bbPress is just the right plugin to help you on it. While you’re working on your content, people can discuss your article on the website’s forum.

Popular Plugin Integration

JNews supports many popular plugins to maximize your site’s functionality. And we always keep working hard to make the theme compatible with most popular plugin on WordPress community.

Support SSL & HTTPS

SSL is one of SEO indicators that provides benefit for your website on Google search result. With JNews, you can create website which is fully compatible with SSL & HTTPS.

Shopping Cart

Open a store inside your website by WooCommerce, a popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress. In addition, we even created custom skin for WooCommerce, so its feature can blend into JNews design smoothly.

PHP 7 Ready

PHP 7 performance improves almost 2x from PHP 5.6. Good news for you because PHP 7 can be used safely with JNews. We already refactor all codes on JNews to be compatible with the latest version of PHP.

Database Query Optimized

We managed to reduce database query by half aiming for better website performance. By eliminating duplicate query, your server workload will be much lighter and it will affect your website speed to serve request.

RTL Support

We’ve tested every frontend component on JNews to be compatible with RTL. So if you’re using RTL language, you don\'t need to worry, your content will shine with JNews.

Website Push Notification

Website push notification is proven to be more effective than email. On average, 30% - 40% subscriber interact with message instantly. And we’ve provided deep integration with web push notification to enhance your site’s functionality.

Automatic Update

Don't need to do any hassle when updating theme. Once your theme registered, you will get automatic update. Just click one button and all done!

Alternate Image Fallback

Many website authors often forget to add alternate image. This theme prevents this common problem by providing fallback when your image doesn't have any alternate text. This will improve your image SEO instantly.

Switch to JNews Safely​

Switch from these popular Themeforest themes including JMagz theme easily without worried of loosing your posts data. Below are themes which support migration to JNews.













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