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JNews Version 6

JNews Is Evolving Into JNEWS+

Publishing Tools with Complete Solution

Complete & Built-in Functionality

JNEWS+ geared with complete built-in system that fit for each specific needs. For every release we will bring a complete system within each purpose.

Real World Functional Demo​

We learn the trend and bring real world usecase with complete package for each purpose so you can easily cathcing up with what currently trending on market.

All JNews Feature Still Included​

While we bring new feature on JNEWS+, we still manage to keep previous JNews Feature available and updated.

Embracing Video

In this new version we added bunch of features to create a video focused site inspired by Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.


2 New Professionally Designed Demos

Powerfull New Features
In Version 6

Short Video Preview

Video Preview on Hover

Give a better browsing experience to your user with the video preview automatically plays when you hover on the Video Module’s thumbnail. This only feature available on the desktop.


Multiple Authors Post

Display multiple authors (co-author) for a post. Co-authored posts appear on single post and block modules. Compatible with Co-Authors Plus plugin.

Grow Your Subscriber

Subscribe to Download

Grow your subscribers organically by providing freebies! With this feature, you can distribute files through email after a successful subscription.

Monetize more

Sponsored Posts

Monetize more from your content with paid to publish content from an advertiser. Enable it on single posts and the sponsored post info will be shown above the posts.

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