We Care About Speed

Continuously improving frontend and backend speed & experience.

Fast Loading & Highly Optimize

Fast speed come for reason, find out how we do it.

Compatible with Core Web Vital

Optimize Memory Usage

Compatibility with AMP

Fit Image Size with Container

Image Preload & Lazy Loading

Manage Unused Script & Style Files

Internal Database Query Cache

Optimize JavaScript Libraries

Optimize DOM Size

Minified & Modular Javascript & CSS Files

Lazy Script Execution to Improve Time to Interact

Compatible with Various Speed & Cache plugins

High-Performance & Fast Loading Theme

Performance is a common issue with various News, Blog, and Magazine themes. The faster your site loads, the more visitors you will receive. People are impatient when it comes to speed, so if your site takes too long to load, they will leave, never return, and you’ll lose revenue.

JNews is the right choice. It was designed to be both versatile and perform well.

We Push Ourselves To Keep Improving JNews Speed & Performance


First Release

JNews since inception, always developed according to best-practices. We include JNews speed – plugin on version 1 to easier our user reaches highest result on Google Page Speed.

Improve Customizer Speed

Radical change being made on customizer, we use lazily loaded customizer on version 2. This increase speed of customizer by load time by 100%. We also improve our backend to make it work with huge number of tags, category, or post.

Improve Experience

Speed is perception, that is why we improve user experience while item loaded. We improve animation when menu drop, smoother transition on slider and dark mode, and many visual improvements.

Better Google Page Speed

We continue to improve our JNews code base using preload, lazily loaded image, better script loading technique, and remove unused classes. This update resulting on improvement on Google Page Speed. Some of our demo reach more than 95 points on both Mobile & Desktop.

Optimized Core Web Vitals

On 2021 Google introduce web vital that become one of ranking signal. We introduce boost mode that will improve several core web vital criteria. On version 9 we also continue to improve backend memory usage that will directly affect backend loading speed.

Optimized Script Loader

Our Optimized Script Loader has been designed to eliminate the wait times that users typically experience when visiting a website. By prioritizing script loading and optimizing script order, we ensure that your website loads quickly and efficiently, regardless of the device or connection speed. Say goodbye to slow-loading pages and frustrated users – with our Optimized Script Loader, your website will be running at peak performance, 24/7.

Lightning-Fast Page Loads

Within this update, get your website pages preloaded before users even click it, resulting in lightning-fast page loads and an improved overall user experience. Instant loading eliminates wait times, boosts engagement, decreases bounce rates, and enhances perceived speed. Optimize your website with preloading to provide a seamless browsing experience that sets you apart from the competition.

Continuously Improving Speed & Performance​

We will keep improving JNews Speed & Performance on both backend & frontend.