Hero Feature

Display your posts in fancy way with Hero element. There are Multiple hero styles to choose from and can be customized.

15 Hero Elements in total with unique design

There are plenty of layout and styling options each Hero elements. 

7 Hero Style

There are 7 unique hero styles you can choose and can be customized.

Custom Height

You can easily tweak the height of the Hero on desktop and mobile devices.

Hero Slider

Display more posts in Hero by enabling Slider feature.

Custom Margin & Style

You can easily tweak the margin of each Hero item & change it's background.

Multiple Hero Styles

Each Hero elements has 7 Hero style that you can choose from.

Tweak Hero Height Easily

JNews Hero elements is responsive, but it's not enought when you need a custom size. Thats why we adding Hero elements a smart feature so you can easily tweak height of the Hero. You can set the Height to appear on desktop, tablet and also on smartphone.

Height on Desktop

Height on Tablets

Height on Smartphone

Customize The Hero Color

Hero element includes many built-in options to easily tweak the design, plus you can change the default background color with a solid color or even with gradient color. You also able to tailor the color transparency, the degree of gradient direction.

Make It Slideshow

Hero elements include a built-in slider function. You can turn the static Hero element into a slideshow which enables you to display more posts rather than using a static Hero. You can enable automatic slides and tweak the slide delay.