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JNews comes with premium & exclusive widgets to help you provide better information to your website

Weather Widget

JNews comes with built-in Weather Widget that helps you to show weather forecast on your site. It shows the next 4 days forecast with beautiful & customizeable design.

*Social Profile Widget

Social Profile Widget

Building genuine relationships with your audience by displaying your social media profiles to your websites. There are 21 social network options you could choose.

Social Feed Widget

Show your latest post from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Flickr, Behance, etc.

*Social Feed Widgets
*Social Counter Widget

Social Counter Widget

Display your social accounts fans, subscribers and followers number on your website! Perfect way to show your social media stats and encourage more people to join your network.

Review Summary Widget

Monetize more with Referral & Affiliate links to your review posts. You can add multiple affiliates sources, prices, and our system will automatically calculating for the best price.

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