JNews for Marketer

Generate Conversions And Engage More Audiences to Your Website

JNews provide you a complete tools to do your marketing plan from begining. Satisfy your audiences and makes them stay.

Proven SEO Friendly

JNews provide a lot of premade design and layout in Header, Footer, Single Post & Category Page to Speed Up your development time.

Optimized Core Web Vitals

On 2021 Google introduce web vital that become one of ranking signal. We introduce boost mode that will improve several core web vital criteria.

Enhanced Ads & Affiliate

JNews makes it easy to put ads on your website. Built-in Google Adsense support & JNews integrates Review System with affiliate link.

Google AMP Article

Load instantly on mobile devices and designed for higher engagements with Google AMP and Facebook Intant Article.

Freedom to Design & Build Website

The fastest way to makes your work going online and get engagement with all JNews Innovative Feature.

Autoload Next Post

Keep your visitor on your site while increasing views with continuous scrolling articles.

Custom Gallery with Ads

Built-in WordPress Gallery provide better image presentation with option to show ads.

Social Share Button

Provided very comprehensive feature to boost your website’s social media presence.

Subscribe to Download

Distribute files through email after a successful subscription.

Push Notification

Let your subscriber know that you have posted new content on your site.

Accessibility Features

Features that enhance your site accessibility such as Dark Mode, Text Zoom, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently update the theme to keep up with the latest trends and features. We also actively receive feedback from our clients and adjust the theme direction according to the demand

Our years of experience and feedback have made JNews what it currently is so we can assure you with confidence that this theme will greatly contribute to your website. You can read other user experiences with our theme on our review page